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Why Choose Spectrum Health Lakeland for Orthopedics?

The orthopedic specialists in our region are treating patients with the latest joint repair techniques and procedures, including computer-assisted, minimally-invasive, and partial knee replacements. These advanced medical procedures have shortened orthopedic hospital stays, sped up patient recovery times, and kept infection rates and other risks of surgical complications low.

We are proud to have been named #1 in the state for orthopedic care by CareChex® — an information service of Quantros, Inc.

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Care So You Can Move Freely

You know something isn’t right. You’ve had that stiff shoulder, bad knee, or painful hip for months now; or has it been longer? When was the last time you felt good and moved freely?

People who experience joint pain often tolerate it far too long. They tell themselves that it’s going to get better, they’re just getting older, or it’s not bad enough to see a doctor. Does this sound like you?

Individuals with chronic joint pain find daily activities restricted, such as walking, going up and down stairs, getting in and out of chairs, and exercise. The specially-trained orthopedic surgeons at Lakeland are here to help relieve your pain, restore your mobility and independence, and get you back to work and other normal activities.

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