Women's Health Services

It’s no secret…women are different. 

Throughout your journey as a woman, you have special health needs. Lakeland is committed to offering exemplary care in each stage of life whether it’s preparing for a birth, managing menopause symptoms, or diagnosing any number of disorders. 

Your friends and neighbors from throughout southwest Michigan and beyond share their experiences at Lakeland Health. Do you have a story to share? Click on the "What's Your Story" button and complete the form. 
What's Your Story?

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A Miracle Birth, Lucia Higgins
Nov, 2018
Physicians: Alissa Conklin, MD

Dr. Conklin made it all very personal while still ensuring both the baby and I were safe.

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A Dream Come True, Linda Dolezan
Aug, 2018
Physicians: Sapna Patel, MDKatie Trumbley, PARafeek Woods, MD

There’s been a lot of tears but everyone at Lakeland has been so compassionate and caring.

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A No Brainer, Pat Howland
Jun, 2018
Physicians: Benjamin Gielda, MDDennis Rasbach, MD

As far as I was concerned [IORT] was a no brainer for me.

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Didn’t Miss a Beat , Judi Greene
May, 2018
Physicians: Benjamin Gielda, MD; Dennis Rasbach, MD

If it’s possible for cancer to be a positive experience, this was it.

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How I Lost 140 Pounds (The Healthy Way), Lacy Lange
Jan, 2018

I can’t remember the last time I felt this good.

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A Lift in Confidence , Michelle King-Cohen
Jan, 2018

On the day of the surgery I had six different people taking care of me – I felt so special.

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Finding the Perfect Fit, Morgan Collison
Jan, 2018
Physicians:   Jill Gorsuch, DO, MPHMichael Schuhknecht, DO

It’s amazing how one procedure changed my whole world.

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Satisfying Her Artistic Hunger, Jane Brody
Jan, 2018
Physicians: Jill Gorsuch, DO, MPH

I knew I was unable to lose weight without help.

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Standing Tall , Karen Benedix
Nov, 2017
Physicians: Rafeek Woods, MD; Sherrell O'Donnel, DO, FACOI; Kevin Drew, MD

Before my surgery I was bent over and couldn’t stand up straight – that’s all gone now.

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Taking the First Step to Living Pain Free, Mary Ciaravino
Nov, 2017
Physicians: Glen Hastings, MDPam Klint, NP

My legs were transformed!

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