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Lakeland Hospital Niles Achieves Perfect Results in Nuclear Emergency Drill
Dec 19, 2018 Share

Lakeland Hospital Niles recently achieved perfect results for a nuclear emergency drill. Conducted this fall, the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) drill assessed the hospital’s ability to respond to a medical emergency involving a person contaminated with radiation.

The results of the drill were recently released, with the final report showing that Lakeland Hospital Niles passed with no identified plan issues.

“This is an outstanding accomplishment for Lakeland Hospital Niles,” said Rich Matthews, Director, Safety, Security, and Emergency Preparedness. “FEMA drills are very challenging and labor intensive, as well as all the training and planning leading up to the exercise.”

“It takes teamwork, trust, and leadership at all levels to achieve results such as this,” said Jim Schlaman, Administrator, Lakeland Hospital Niles. “The Niles team did an excellent job preparing for and executing this drill.”

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