Schools and Community Outreach

Peer support groups at schools and community organizations

LP-school-groupsEvery grieving child and adult needs support when a loved one dies — Lory's Place offers outreach programs providing grief support to area schools and community organizations.

Join a peer group at your local school

Lory's Place offers regularly scheduled sessions at the schools listed below. Each session brings children together who are grieving after the death of a family member or friend. These sessions are open not only to children who attend sessions at Lory's Place, but also to children who cannot come to Lory's Place because of transportation problems, work or schedule conflicts. Our professional bereavement staff members and trained volunteers facilitate the school group sessions. These peer group sessions are a safe, comfortable place for your child to share feelings, do grief-healing activities and receive the empathy, advice and hope needed for the grief journey.

"Group has helped me by seeing other young adults like myself going through similar situations and hearing how they feel and cope with those feelings. I can talk about feelings that I don't talk about with anyone else."
-School Group Participant


In addition to the peer support groups, Lory's Place also works with area schools during times of community crisis or tragedy. We can assist administrators, counselors and teachers with resources and education programs so they can provide support for grieving students. And we can give age-appropriate educational presentations to help all students understand grief and the healing process.

"I could explain what was going on in my life when I couldn't tell close family in fear they would tell me to get over it"
-School Group High School Participant

 2017-2018 Community Outreach Programs:
  1. Ballard Elementary-Elementary (Niles)
  2. Baseline Middle (South Haven)
  3. Boys and Girls Club-Youth Center
  4. Boys and Girls Club-Teen Center
  5. Brandywine Elementary
  6. Brandywine Middle/High
  7. Bridgman Elementary-Lower
  8. Bridgman Elementary-Upper
  9. Bridgman High
  10. Buchanan Middle School
  11. Catholic Community Center (Benton Harbor)
  12. Chikaming Elementary
  13. Coloma Elementary-Lower
  14. Coloma Elementary-Upper
  15. Coloma Junior/Senior High
  16. Countryside Elementary-Upper
  17. Countryside Middle
  18. Countryside High
  19. Covert Elementary
  20. Covert Middle/High
  21. Eastside Academy (Niles)
  22. Eau Claire High
  23. Eau Claire Middle
  24. E.P. Clarke Elementary (St. Joseph)
  25. FC Reed Middle (Bridgman)
  26. Howard Elementary (Niles)
  27. Lawton Elementary
  28. Lawton Middle
  29. Lincoln Elementary (St. Joseph)
  30. Merritt Elementary (Brandywine)
  31. MLK Academy (Benton Harbor)
  32. Moccasin Elementary (Buchanan)
  33. New Buffalo Elementary
  34. New Buffalo High School
  35. Niles High
  36. North Elementary (Watervliet)
  37. North Shore Elementary (South Haven)
  38. Ottawa Elementary (Buchanan)
  39. Readiness Center (Benton Harbor)
  40. Ring Lardner Middle School (Niles)
  41. River Valley Middle/High
  42. Roosevelt Elementary (Lakeshore)
  43. Ross Beatty Middle/High (Cassopolis)
  44. Sister Lakes Elementary
  45. South Elementary (Watervliet)
  46. St. Joseph High
  47. Stewart Elementary(Lakeshore)
  48. Sylvester Elementary (Berrien Springs)
  49. Three Oaks Elementary
  50. Upton Middle School (St. Joseph)
  51. Watervliet Middle

If your school does not offer a grief support group and you would like us to offer one, please contact us. If you are a teacher and would like additional resources for your classroom, or to arrange a classroom presentation, call (800) 717-3812. We are ready to help you and your children.

If you are a community organization and have questions about a peer support group at your location please give us a call.

Grief Support within our Communities

Lory's Place provides support for organizations and businesses following a tragedy or crisis. We can help if your team is anticipating the death of a colleague or help you work through your grief if a co-worker dies. Our professional bereavement staff or trained facilitators are also available to do educational presentations on grief healing. Contact us to learn more.

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