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Lakeland is a not-for-profit, community-owned system of care serving the southwest Michigan region of Berrien, Cass and VanBuren counties. In addition to the three hospitals, the system includes walk-in clinics, long-term care, home care, laboratory and radiology services, rehabilitation and other services throughout the region. Lakeland also offers health, safety, wellness and prevention events, classes and programs throughout the year.

The history of Lakeland dates back to the 1800s, when our hospitals first began meeting the needs of Southwest Michigan residents. Today, we are proud to continue that tradition of service to our neighbors in the community with safe, high quality, compassionate care.

The Lakeland HealthCare Mission

To enhance health and serve our community

The Lakeland HealthCare Vision

To positively transform the health and health choices of those we serve and employ


We will be an employer of choice; we will collaborate with our medical staff

We will provide an exceptional patient experience; we will provide community benefits

Quality & Safety
We will provide exemplary quality and safety outcomes; we will continuously improve clinical processes

We will remain financially sound; we will continuously enhance value.

We will forge partnerships with other entities; we will provide services consistent with a regional referral hospital.

We are completely committed to the mission of Lakeland to provide "safe, high quality, compassionate, patient-centered care." We understand that we are a valuable part of the Lakeland team and that our role is critical to the success of Lakeland's mission. In that spirit, we aspire to be a role model of the following TRAITS linked to our success.

We value TEAMWORK. We recognize that highly effective and highly reliable teams are required to deliver exceptional patient care. We are committed to work collaboratively and to recognize daily the contributions of others. We will freely and promptly share information with those who need it from us or from our department.

We will treat others with RESPECT. We value the opinions, beliefs, and desires of those with whom we work and those it is our privilege to serve. We are committed to appreciate and learn from the rich diversity within our workplace and among our patients and their families. We will make it safe for others to speak up, disagree, share concerns, make suggestions, question decisions, admit mistakes or try new ways to improve our care.

We will ensure ACCOUNTABILITY. We will take responsibility for all that happens in our area. We will not blame others but will work with our team to resolve any issue that stands in the way of taking exemplary care of our patients and of each other. We will respectfully confront those who may not be living up to Lakeland's mission and core values regardless of their role or position. We will escalate any problems that We are unable to resolve to those best positioned to help.

We will work to be an INSPIRATION. We understand that it is a privilege to be entrusted with the life and health of those we serve. We understand the difference between just showing up and being fully engaged. Each and every day, through our words and our actions, we will strive to inspire those around us to be their best and to give their best.

We will TRUST. We will behave in a way that earns and conveys the sense that we can rely on each other with confidence. When we don't fully understand the intent or decision of those around us we will first look for a charitable, rather than a critical, explanation. We will always assume first the good intentions of others. We will behave, and ensure that others behave, in ways that are always ethical and unquestionably honest.

We will focus on SAFETY. Each and every day we will remain focused on preventing harm to patients, visitors and associates. We will continuously watch for, and immediately intervene, when anyone may be at risk for physical or emotional harm. Safety is our job wherever we are and whatever we do. We will require all those we encounter to understand and behave in ways that are safe.



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