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Facts About the Lakeland Regional Medical Center, St. Joseph New Addition

  • 4-story addition with basement and mechanical penthouse
  • 142,636 square feet of new construction
  • 118 rooms, including 96 private rooms and 22 semi-private rooms, which allow for adjustments when we have more patients
  • $71 million project, including the new parking structure

Patient Amenities

  • Patients can order the meal of their choice any time from room service
  • Free access to wireless Internet (WiFi) service
  • Complimentary cable television and patient education videos
  • Physical Education Advisory Council
  • Safes in patient rooms
  • Separate elavators for patients and visitors
  • On-site medical equipment and home therapy equipment for purchase or lease
  • Valet Parking

Visitor Amenities

  • Free garage parking
  • Valet parking services available for a nominal fee
  • Free access to wireless Internet (WiFi) service
  • Java City, The Courtyard Café, the Atrium Café, and vending machines provide many snack and meal choices
  • The Gazebo Gift Shop provides a wide selection of gift items and reading materials

For additional information you should take a moment and download the New Addition brochure. (Adobe PDF document)

You can contact the Division Director of Patient Care, at (269) 983-8806, or the Director of Nursing, Jennie Stocks at (269) 687-1835.

Why Build Now?
Simply put, advances in healthcare demand it. We investigated many alternatives, but our current patient rooms can not accommodate the technology we use to care for our patients. The costs of renovating space in our more than 40 year-old buildings exceed the costs of new construction, so building was the best option.

We received Certificate of Need approval from the Michigan Department of Community Health to proceed with planning and construction on the Inpatient Addition. The approval of the certificate means that this project meets the state of Michigan's review criteria for necessity, cost and quality of health care in our community.

Looking to the Future
The $51 million Lakeland is investing in our St. Joseph campus reflects the importance of investing in our facilities, services, and associates to provide southwest Michigan with top-notch, full-service healthcare. We appreciate your patience during this time. We can anticipate a new facility that has been built for our future.

Evidence-Based Design in a Healing Environment
We have focused on not only improving our facility, but also the way we care for you. The design of the building incorporates research-based features that enhance recovery times and significantly improve patient safety.  In addition, the rooms will be nearly 50% larger than those currently in use at Lakeland and will provide more space for visitors and family members. These larger rooms will have the ability to accommodate the newest medical technologies that will now be able to come to the patient.  Each room will include a separate nursing area away from visitors with state-of-the-art technology.  The corridors where visitors walk will no longer be shared with patients being transported to tests and procedures; separate walkways will keep patients safe from incidental contact with people with colds.


One of the unique features of the new addition is the incorporation of a "healing environment" into the design. Research has shown that certain kinds of art, restful views, access to nature and natural light, help distract patients from the hospital sounds and sights around them to focus on a pleasant, soothing place that contributes to faster healing.  In addition to providing such an environment, the design of the patient room also incorporates evidence based best practices that focus on increasing patient safety. Integrating these best practices into the design of the addition will lead to a reduction in patient falls and infection rates.

More Available Parking
We realize that for many patients, a trip to the hospital is a stressful experience that can be compounded by the difficulty of finding a parking space. Lakeland realized that as we expanded our facilities, we also needed to address the availability of adequate parking for our patients, associates and visitors. In September of 2006, construction took place on a four-story parking deck that can accomodate 600 cars. The parking deck cost  $11 million. The new wing will help Lakeland meet the needs of patients in the region for the next 30 to 40 years.


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