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Safety Codes



Initial Response

Code Blue

Cardiac Arrest

To reduce the risk of collision during response to a cardiac arrest

To initiate a code blue dial extension: 1111, Satellite facilities call 911

Code Orange

Bomb Threat

Notification of a bomb on campus, usually by an outside caller

Obtain as much information as possible, have another person call 911

Code Red


Fire and/or smoke

R-escue those in danger

A-ctivate manual alarm

C-ontain the fire

E-xtinguish the fire

E-vacuate patients

Code Pink

Infant Abduction

An infant, toddler, or child is missing or known to be kidnapped

Search for anyone carrying items large enough to hold a baby, question anyone with young children

Code Green

Missing Patient

A patient is missing

Monitor outside doors

Code Yellow

Contaminated/Injured Patient(s)

To provide guidelines for the care of contaminated/injured patient(s).

Charge nurse/designee in ER will verify by return call to the sending facility.

Code Purple

OB Emergency

Emergency in Obstetrics that requires immediate assistance

Response needed from Obstetrical or pediatric provider, anesthesiologist, RT, and house supervisor

Code West

Uncontrolled person or violent situation

Males not involved in patient care respond STAT to announced location

Code Three

Major or Minor Disaster

Multiple incoming casualties

Medical staff will be called in as directed by need

Dr. Armstrong

Security needed

Staff person wished to have security assistance without knowledge of patients and visitors

Call 1111 and give location to operator

Evacuation in effect

Remaining in area may be hazardous to life, health, or safety

Notify all in area of need to evacuate. Evacuate ambulatory, wheelchair, then bedridden.

Hazardous Materials Spill OR Release

Spill does not impact people of surrounding area


Major spill affecting surrounding area

Isolate and secure the spill area, call MSDS at 983-8311 for information on spill material


Isolate the spill, evacuate the area, and contact security

Tornado Watch

Conditions are such that a tornado may develop

Check for essential equipment needed if weather conditions proceed to a warning

Tornado Warning

A tornado has been sighted and may affect the hospital

Move patients to safety, send nonessential staff and visitors to the basement

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