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In planning the new addition, Lakeland looked to southwest Michigan residents for feedback about what they wanted from their community hospital. Their ideas became an important part of the evidence based design process so that, together, we could create memorable spaces that reflect our community.

Patient Rooms
Lakeland HealthCare is proud to be able to provide more patients with private rooms in the new addition. These rooms are significantly larger than Lakeland's previous rooms and are designed to enhance patient care through separate areas for patients, family members, and caregivers. On each of the four floors, patient rooms are situated along the building's perimeter for sweeping views of Lakeland's new gardens, orchards, and vineyards.

As with the rest of the addition, Lakeland used evidence-based design principles in the patient rooms for efficiency, patient comfort, safety, and an overall health and healing atmosphere. Double doors open into each patient room and bathroom, allowing for ease of access. Because a patient is most likely to fall walking from the bed to the bathroom, Lakeland planned the rooms with the least amount of distance possible in this area.

Caregivers' Stations
While most hospitals have a single, centralized caregivers' station to serve each floor or department, Lakeland has created four separate nurses' stations for each floor of the new addition. With more caregivers' stations per floor, nurses will have less distance to travel from their stations to patient rooms, increasing their efficiency, and allowing them to spend even more time caring for patients.

Family Retreats
Designed to improve the experience at Lakeland for patients and visitors alike, each family retreat includes a fireplace, kitchen area, and sweeping views of a water garden and fountain. Located on each floor, the family retreats are a gift from the Frederick S. Upton Foundation, which has worked to enhance the health of the community since its creation in 1954.

Caregiver Retreats
While the health of patients is the primary focus of any hospital, it is also important not to overlook the wellbeing of the people instrumental in patient care. Lakeland team members are encouraged to enjoy the caregiver retreat any time they need respite during a busy day. Located on each floor of the new addition at Lakeland Regional Medical Center, St. Joseph, these retreats are the first of their kind in southwest Michigan, and unique in the healthcare industry.

These special areas were donated by the Lakeland Auxiliary, St. Joseph, to show its appreciation for the compassionate, highquality care associates provide to patients. Auxiliary members have contributed to many projects at Lakeland, with the goal of making the hospital a better place not only for patients, but also for their caregivers.

Healing Art
A group of community members, local artists, and Lakeland team members selected art for spaces throughout the addition with the goal of providing an uplifting environment for patients, caregivers, and community members.

The art includes original pieces by local artists designed to correspond to each floor's unique theme: rivers, orchards, vineyards, or dunes. These themes appear throughout the floor, including large-scale murals and works in patient rooms, restrooms, and retreat areas.

The art extends outside the hospital, where a new 25-foot, stainless-steel sculpture by worldrenowned artist Richard Hunt was installed. The sculpture was placed in a location easily visible to drivers along Napier Avenue, signifying that it belongs not just to Lakeland, but to the entire community.

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