Resources for Adults

woman readingResources for Adults

The Uniqueness of Each Grief Journey [PDF] - A guide to help recognize the personal nature of grief as well as how to best support someone through it.

Child and Teen Developmental Grief Response Chart [PDF] - How various ages respond to grief, what to expect, and how to help.

Creating Memories [PDF] - Memories are the vital link with our past and the fuel for our future. It is important to build memories with care.

Developing A New Self Identity [PDF] - Your personal identity, or self-perception, is the result of the ongoing process of establishing a sense of who you are.  Part of your self-identity comes from the relationships you have with other people. When someone with whom you have a relationship dies, your self-identity, or the way you see yourself, naturally changes.

What You Can Do For a Person Who is Bereaved

Prenatal/Stillbirth Death

Bereaved Parents Wish List [PDF] - A compilation of things bereaved parents wish others knew about grief.

Suicide http:// Loss Support

Survivors Bill of Rights [PDF] - For those who have had someone die by suicide this resource gives them permission to grieve in their own unique way.

Coping with Suicide Loss [PDF] - To lose someone to suicide is complex and confusing, this article can offer strategies to assist in coping day to day.

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What You Can Do For a Person Who is Bereaved

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