Family Medicine

Family Medicine Residency Program

Doug Tacket, DO

Program Director:  Doug Tacket, DO

Lakeland Health is pleased to offer a Family Medicine Residency program. Our residency program is presently accredited by the American Osteopathic Association and has recieved intial accrediation from the Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education. Our low resident-to-faculty ratios are able to provide our residents with an intimate, quality residency experience.  All of our attendings are board certified.

  • Five Positions Available for 2018
  • Applications to the program will be accepted via ERAS beginning July 2017
  • Interviews will be held September 2017 through December 2017
  • Interviewees will not be ranked without proof of passing COMLEX II or USMLE II scores

Lakeland offers a well-rounded Family Medicine Program, with Osteopathic Manipulation incorporated into the resident’s regular clinic days. Clinic is held one-half day each week during year one, progressing to three – one half days per week in years two and three.

Health System Data 

  • 339 Beds
  • 15,877+ Admissions
  • 82,200+ ER Visits
  • 13,500+ Surgeries
  • 1,925+ Births
  • Medical Staff – 31 DO  229 MD 

Sample Clinical Rotation Schedule PGY 1-3

Year 1

This first year provides residents with well-rounded experiences in traditional internship rotations.  Residents will develop their core medical knowledge in order to learn the necessary skills to provide Internal Medicine care. The program includes the following example in-house rotations.

  • Health Systems Management Curriculum
  • 1 month Obstetrics
  • 1 month Gynecology
  • 2 months Pediatrics
  • 2 months Internal Medicine (including 1 block of night float)
  • 1 month Emergency Medicine
  • 1 month Orthopedic Surgery
  • 1 month General Surgery
  • Internal Medicine and Surgical Sub-specialties

Year 2

The second year will focus on enhancing skills which will lead to efficiency in managing multiple patients in addition to expanding into more specialties.

  • 2 months Internal Medicine
  • 1 month Obstetrics
  • 1 month Geriatrics
  • 2 months Pediatrics
  • 1 month Dermatology
  • 1 month Radiology
  • 3 months Internal Medicine Subspecialty
  • 1 month Emergency Medicine
  • 1 month Surgery Selective
  • 2 months electives

Year 3

In the final year, the resident will be able to manage a variety of patients leading toward graduation and practice as an independent physician.

  • 1 month Internal Medicine
  • 1 month ICU
  • 1 month Research
  • 1 month Gastroenterology
  • 1 month Neurology
  • 1 month Sports Medicine
  • 5 months Electives

For more information on Lakeland's Family Medicine Residency Program please contact:

Doug Tacket, DO
Program Director

Debbie Beckert
Residency Program Coordinator 
Phone: (269) 982-4902

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