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Most children will experience the death of a loved one before they complete their high school years.

Unaddressed grief has been shown to have a negative impact on the physical health and mental well-being of children. When they feel understood and accepted, children are better able to cope with their feelings.

"They helped me realize that grief is a process to work through.  There is no time limit and they will always be there with open arms when or if my grief overcomes me again."  -Anonymous

Hospice at Home began researching successful programs for children and teens in the fall of 2002. Based on this research, children’s bereavement activities at Lory’s Place are modeled after the Dougy Center, a pioneering program in Portland, Oregon. The Dougy Center is internationally recognized as a leading force and authority in the field of childhood grief and peer support services. Over 140 similar programs around the world have been modeled after the Dougy Center.

Lory’s Place is a Dougy Center model which has been shown, over time, to be an effective intervention preventing many of the emotional problems associated with unresolved grief. Although Lory’s Place is the first Dougy Center model program in Michigan, many of the programs currently available for children, such as Ele’s Place in Lansing and Erin’s House in Fort Wayne, Indiana, adopt many of the Dougy Center principles.

Dr. Lory SchultsLory’s Place is named for Dr. Lory Schults, a St. Joseph podiatrist who died in a traffic accident in January, 2004. While helping Lory’s husband Ron and two small children to deal with their loss, Lisa Bartoszek, Director of  Lory's Place 2004 - 2017, expressed to Ron her desire to start a center such as the Dougy Center. Given his very positive experiences with Hospice, Ron thought it was a wonderful idea and offered to help in whatever way he could. Given Ron’s interest and support, and the overwhelming response by the community to Lory’s death, Lisa and others with whom she worked thought it appropriate to name the new program in Lory’s memory.

Since its opening in 2004, Lory's Place has helped thousands of children, adults, and families find their way through grief to their "new normal." It has been an honor to serve this community, and to be entrusted with sharing in the grief journeys of so many.

Lisa Bartoszek
Lisa began coordinating all bereavement services for Caring Circle (Hospice at Home) in 2000. Lisa founded Lory's Place in 2004 and has held the position of Director until her retirement in December of 2017. Lisa is a RN with 34 years of experience, yet found her true passion was walking alongside those who are grieving. Lisa was trained at the Dougy Center to develop and operate all aspects of a grief center. With her leadership she has created the foundation that has supported and educated thousands of individuals and families. Lisa's genuine heart and caring spirit will always be a part of Lory's Place.

Lisa retirement picture 2017
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