Your First Visit

What to Expect and Bring on Your First Visit

As you enter the Marie Yeager Cancer you will be greeted by a team of dedicated volunteers who will ask you for name and escort you to the check-in desk.  A member of your care team will then check you in for your appointment by verifying your demographic (name, address, date of birth) and insurance information, and then direct you to have a seat in the waiting room until you are called for your appointment.

What to bring to your first appointment:

  • Insurance card and identification
  • List of your current medications
  • Questions to ask your care team

Once you are called back for your appointment:

  • A member of the team will take your height, weight, and your blood pressure, and lead you to an exam room.
  • Once in your examination room, you will be assessed by your oncologist. During this time, they will review your medical history, complete a physical examination, and discuss potential treatment options.
  • After your physical examination you will be directed to the discharge desk where a follow-up visit and any additional tests and procedures will be scheduled. .

Lab Work

If coming to the Marie Yeager Cancer Center for lab work, give your name to the volunteer at the front desk and have a seat in the reception area.  A member of your care team will call you into the lab to have your lab work drawn. Having your blood drawn is an important part of your care.  Laboratory test results may take up to 30 minutes to be reviewed.

Patients Requiring Treatment

Prior to receiving treatment, your lab work will be reviewed by your oncologist or member of your care team. Based on your specific treatment plan determined by you and your care team, injections may take 30 to 60 minutes and all other treatments may take 2 to 8 hours to complete.

The infusion nurses will review educational materials with you about the medication you will be receiving.  You will be asked to sign a consent outlining the specific medications and the potential side effects of the medications you will be receiving.

The infusion nurses will also share information with you about the following support activities at the Marie Yeager Cancer Center:

Participating in a Cancer Clinical Trials

Spectrum Health Lakeland is a member of the Cancer Research Consortium of West Michigan (CRCWM). Cancer clinical trials are research studies to develop better ways of detecting, treating, and eventually preventing cancer.

If you choose to take part in a clinical trial you are among the first to receive new research treatments before they are widely available. Your participation in a clinical trial will influence the future direction of cancer care. View our list of clinical trials.  Your oncologist and research nurse will describe the details of your specific treatment.

Insurance and Billing

It is important for us to take photocopies of your insurance cards and other pertinent information related to your insurance coverage.  The extent or limitations of your insurance coverage will be verified and we will, with your information and written authorization/consent, file your claim with your insurance company or health care organization on your behalf. The Marie Yeager Cancer Center provides financial navigation assistance.  A financial  navigator will help guide you through the maze of insurance options and available assistance options.

Your health care insurance coverage will be verified when you show your insurance identification card on your first visit.  Depending on your insurance plan, a co-payment may be needed.  You will receive one bill from Lakeland.  If you have a deductible, it will be reflected on your bill.

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